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Memo - To:     Senior Centers
From:   Eddie Barnett
Re; Advisory Council - Local Senior Centers - potential Budget short-fall
Observation: with a national debt of over $20 Trillion, losing government funding may have been a forgone conclusion.
There is an old Chinese saying, “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, and the next best time to plant a tree is today
There is no “quick fix” for potential funding reduction/loss. Governmental agencies, at all levels, are continually adding new programs that are generally promoted as a benefit to (something), but often times when new programs are added, the funding has to come from somewhere and often times the source of monies for new programs comes at the expense of old programs, and senior programs are often the first to be considered… hence senior programs are often faced with “budget cuts”. Long term planning has not been built-in, and thus “old” programs encounter a “reactionary” situation of funding loss. Such may be the case with our current senior center programs.
(Suggested) Current Goal: Establish financial means to be self-funding/self-sustaining with reduced/eliminated governmental funding.
Consider: Build a network of outlying senior centers (other senior citizens organizations as may be appropriate, e.g. churches)
As individual senior citizens', we recognize that our energy and time may be limited, but collectively any organization that we develop can remain active .... seniors are an untapped wealth of knowledge and experience.

I. Marketing plan: (Approach as if a "for-profit" organization? ...)
this may be the key to realizing a solution to the initially recognized problem of reduced government funding… starting point.
           A. Website presence (repository and information/resources base...)
           B. Social Media presence - Groups & individuals encouraged to "point to website"
           C. Seek advertisers and Sponsors ... (copy Google & Facebook guide/example)
           D. Design/Organize a "Big Ideas Club" - to encourage products and fundraising ideas (see IV. below)
II. The Organization -tbd
separate entity?, but administered through ? - tbd
an LLC?.. Encourage investment groups to be involved?.. Seek grants & communities for select projects? - tbd
profit sharing arrangement between State Agencies, Investors, Financiers, Grant Monies, Individuals, etc.? - tbd

III. Website(s) & Social Media
(example of a simple senior center website can be viewed at (although not yet promoted)
           A. (perhaps) a Master website to recognize all senior centers, towns, etc
           B. (perhaps) a free website for each senior center that can/will maintain their own website.
           C. or include web pages for each senior center
           D. Encourage (and educate) senior citizens with social media that can reference the website.
IV. Big Ideas Club-BIC (sponsored by The Organization… maintaining financial interest)
(review at
           A. schedule area BIC social workshops...
           (may be a regular event to continually review, update and implement - coordinate with area econ. dev.)
           B. Products & Services that relate to senior citizens, but not only…
           C. Co-op with (community) Econ. Dev. groups
… SO much more, but let us begin…!
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