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1940s more Parents-Gparents Questions
1. When did Gparents move to Allendale farm, and how many acres was it?
2. When did they leave the Allendale farm?.. maybe early 1960s?, and where did they go?
3. Did the family have riding horses?.. don’t recall my momma ever referencing any ponys or riding horses.
4. What was there vehicle of 1940s
5. I recall very little of the barn, the root cellar, the outbuildings, the outhouse (I’m sure I used it – just do not recall!)…. Nor the location of any of these structures.
7. I have since found out that one of the horses was named Major – don’t know the name of the team mate… my guess was Minor, but probably not a good guess.
I do seem to recall that the only source of water for the farm was the big windmill at the bottom from Gparent’s home. The ONLY source and that included the home. I remember (in winter time) helping fill barrels with water and hauling it to house (on a sled), but then I have no recollection of what happened with the water after that.
1.      The 4 oldest girls did not go to high school (correct?) – what did they do after graduating from 8th grade?.. until marriage and move away?. Did they all walk 2 mile to Zimmerman School?.. Mary Lou grade school graduation year?1942?..  I think Aunt Mary Lou taught country school for a couple of years prior to marriage-did she walk to get there?… unknown about others.
2.      Aunt Gloria did go to high school?.. graduating year?.. then what?
3.      Where was Zimmerman School relative to Spencer farm?.. in Washington Center?... was that 2 miles south of Spencer Farm?.. did they walk or ride a horse to school?.. did they have a shed to house the horses that were rode to school?
4.      Eddie Joe graduate from high school 1951?.. military 1952?
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