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DeHart family pics
Reminder - don't forget to include dates and locations in any of your memory stories... at least as best you can.
02/28/22 - Note 1.
... the current plan is to have the first chapter will focus on folks and their folks (your grandfolks) - therefore any details that you may be aware of should be documented and forwarded at your earliest convenience... where they lived, went to school, town(s) where they shopped/visited, etc.- Allendale, Hatfield, Washington Center, Denver, Lone Star, Martinsville, ????? any details on courting and teenage days leading to marriage - methods of travel (horse, of course!)
NOTICE: let me know if this is "chapter/story" that you would like to have included.
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03/04/22 - Note 2:
1. name(s) of paternal grandparents and you dad's siblings
2. which 4 brothers were in the Military?
3. Ron - in the story on Glenda swallowing milk strainer pad, what year?.. and who drove the car?.. I always thought that your momma did not drive a car.
reminder - with each story, incorporate dates & locations as best that you can recall
4. Ron - Junior year in high school (was that at Thomas Jefferson?), and was the little black girl (on which you had a crush) name Shirley Barber?
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