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Senior Myths (68 pgs)

Seniors - Drink More Water (64 pgs)

Senior Exercise (44 pgs)

Better Listener – (44 pgs)

Remembering the Journey – the 40s (212 pgs)

Remembering the Journey – the 50s –School Years (172 pgs)

Remembering the Journey – the 70s on the 40 (140 pgs)

Eddie Favorite Poems (36 pgs)

How Much is a Billion (64 pgs)

Poinsetias-The Christmas Flower (20 pgs)

Remembering Dick (early 40s - dad’s draft horse team) (40 pgs)

Ireland (for Moni) (52 pgs)

Eddie_Publications/To-be-considered or are incomplete:
Publisher_05-Confessions of an Ole’ Salesy
Publisher_Portugal (for Ronald)
Publisher_1980s thru 2020s
Publisher_Indian Creek ?
Publisher_Depression 2020s
The (lowly) Bean
30(?) Fact that have been believed, but are not true
Velocity of Money
History of Economic Cycles(OperBel Chap. 3) or OperBel II?
Depression 2022???
Indian Creek

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