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Gentlemen -

I would like to suggest a combining of efforts to organize the 20(?) more/less counties in Southwest Iowa that are represented by IWCC & SWCC - to talk to local/area Economic Development groups within that geographic area about the possibility of forming  a 1MillionCups (  https://www.1millioncups.com/  ) chapter in Southwest Iowa. The weekly(periodic?) meetings could rotate between Communities thus allowing everyone an opportunity to "present" - and then perhaps annually or semi-annually (or periodically), an area meeting could be scheduled to  hear the best of the Presentations from the local Community presentations.

I do recognize that some of the counties close to the Omaha/Council Bluffs Metro area may be more inclined to take advantage of that Metro area chapter, but often times the outlying counties can be intimidated by the Metro interests that can be quiet different from the Rural Communities, thus the consideration would be to organize a Rural effort. As I studied the current chapters of 1MillionCups, they tend to be the larger Metro areas, but I feel that the outlying Communities (such as represented by IWCC & SWCC) should at least have the opportunity to organize their own chapter.

My feeling is that 1MillionCups gives some credibility to my minuscule project of Ideas-Preneur (   http://ideas-preneur.com/), along with the "Big Ideas Club". It is my belief that most "entrepreneurial" projects will fail simply because they do not have the breadth of an organization, nor an audience for which to present their ideas. I believe that is what 1MillionCups can offer... a broad sounding board - an opportunity to benefit from "numbers" and a "community" and the individual projects will have a far better chance of succeeding, than would a stand-alone "entrepreneurial" project.

Having said all of that I further recognize that such an effort may be beyond the scope of (each of your) job description... no problem. But if there is interest in any level of discussion, then I would welcome the opportunity to help with the organization of such, albeit certainly isn't necessary for me to be involved. My interest in such an effort is what happens when an ole man has time on his hands....

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